Sunday, June 19, 2005

Pumpkin Cake

I saw this cake as an ad for Kraft Food & Family online (I already subscribe to the magazine - it's free!) and I HAD to go online to find out how to do it.

My husband LOVES pumpkins. He say's they are peaceful and happy. In fact, he loves them so much, we have pumpkin pillows, a pumpkin rug, a pumpkin cookie jar, teapot, soup tureen, fruit bowl, salt & pepper shakers...we have a lot of pumpkins in this house. And they aren't jack-o-lanterns. They are unaltered pumpkins. We didn't buy all of it ourselves, some were gifts.

Right around Halloween of last year, I was flipping through my Food & Family Magazine when I saw a picture of this great pumpkin cake. My husbands 40th birthday was coming up (in 8 more months) and what could be a better cake for him than a pumpkin! I wasn't much of a cake decorator. I had managed to throw together cakes for my kids birthdays and I never heard many complaints, but I like to have a "wow" factor at birthday parties.

This cake is basically a bundt cake with an ice cream cone upside-down in the top hole. (It's a cake cone, not a sugar cone). Ice the cake then place the cone in the top and ice the cone.

Update 4/02/2014: The Kraft Food & Family Magazine is no longer offered as a free subscription but I found the cake on their website...the Great Pumpkin Cake.

Welcome Message

Welcome! This blog is collection of cakes I have decorated.

You don't need to be a professional to make these. If you did, I wouldn't be here...I am NOT a professional. I just like decorating and making something that the kids will smile over.

My first kids cake was a very basic chocolate 2-layer cake with a blue stick figure on it for my oldest son's 1st birthday back in 1994. I insisted on making my children's first cake. Later, when I got sick of the hum-drum too sweet sheet cakes from the store, I decided try something a bit more "fun". I started with the pumpkin design in 2005 for my husband's 40th birthday (he loves pumpkins) and I worked up from there. You won't find these cakes in your grocery store! The kids never ask for anything from the bakery anymore either.

I am trying to include pictures and instructions for each cake. You don't HAVE to attend cake decorating classes. (I didn't) And you don't HAVE to have a lot of tools to get started. All it takes to make these cakes is a little patience and some imagination. If you don't want to bother with the imagination part, just check through the designs listed to the right for something that interests you. I am constantly clipping cake and cupcake pictures from magazines for inspiration. I have seen some really cute stuff out there!

For those of you who are inexperienced when it comes to BAKING a cake, not just decorating one, I have a 3 part video tutorial series on
Yahoo! Voices online. Check it out!

Cake decorating is a part-time hobby for me. I don't sell cakes or cake products. I only make about 5 or 6 decorated cakes a year and occasionally will decorate cupcakes for a holiday or just for fun. Enjoy the blog! If you have questions, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to help you out. Thanks for coming by!

DISCLOSURE: This blog contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting The Creative Cake Maker.
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