Sunday, December 17, 2006

Game Cube "Pikmin" Birthday Cake

This cake is probably the most interesting to date. My son was turning 7 years old. For two months I heard him tell me he wanted a "Pikmin" party. "Pikmin" is a video game for the Nintendo Game Cube. He loves it! If you have ever played the game, you would understand the cake a little better.

My problem was, there isn't a party store that sells "Pikmin" party ware. What is a mother to do? I downloaded a picture of "Pikmin" and made postcard invitations on the computer. I went to Kinko's to make glossy copies of them to mail out. I also used the photo to make name tags for the favor bags.
Since "Pikmin" products are not sold in the US, I went on eBay and found "Pikmin" figurines on sale. They were shipped straight from Japan in record time (2 days). I used these little guys on the cake. I know, some collector is probably going to freak out over it, but they DO look adorable all over this cake.

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